H1b Visa Cap Reached in Usa

Dell'Ariccia Sara

The US immigration department (USCIS) announced that it has reached its limit of cases for FY (Fiscal Year) 2016. The USCIS had also stated that it has received a limit for its quota of 20,000 H1b visas for people with 2 degrees.

At this point, the government will have a random lottery, to determine which of the winners of the program will receive the visa.  The people who are eligible are the ones who sent applications that were received between the first and seventh of April, 2015.

What many of the people who did not qualify are doing, where they can, is create a business with the E2 visa option, and make their employers one of their clients (although it cannot be the only client).



Avv. Sara Dell’Ariccia

Avv. Steven Riznyk