The E2 Visa is a Benefit for Italian Investors

Dell'Ariccia Sara, Riznyk Steven

Many Italians who are seeking to invest in the United States do not realize that the E2 visa is an option for them. Many have heard about the EB5 program, but the minimum investment with the EB5 is $500,000 and you have to hire 10 employees. On the other hand, the E2 visa allows you to invest as little as $100,000 and operate your company in the United States.

The E2 is not available to everyone in the world, the person must have ties to a country that has a treaty of friendship, navigation, and commerce with the United States; Italy does. As a result, an E2 visa is an easy option. It involves making the investment, filing the case, and in approximately 3 months or less, the family (children have to be under 21) could have an E2 visa and operate their business in the United States.

A case requires the investment, a business plan (you can create it or your lawyer can), and the case prepared as well as an interview. For any entrepreneurs who feel the American market is an option, the E2 could be the visa to make it happen.
Avv. Sara Dell'Ariccia 
Avv. Steven Rizynk